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Method to convert the ashes of the deceased into diamonds

08 August, 2019 information

This type of services became known through the film “As Above, So Below” at the Imagine Science Film Festival. Companies like Algordanza have specialized in creating diamonds from the ashes, and in this article tell us how they do. [...]

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Writing an ethical Will

23 April, 2019 Information

What is an 'ethical' Will? An ethical will is not a legal requirement and unlike the legal Will it is based upon your desires for things like principles, values, memories and even future wishes for your family and friends. So, if you already have a legal Will, why do you need an ethical Will? This [...]

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What to say at funerals

19 April, 2018 Services

When someone passes away it can be difficult to know what to say to those left behind. We all deal with situations in different ways and sometimes words can be hard to find and, unintentionally offensive. The grief and loss that the close friends and relatives may be feeling is going to be much different [...]

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Choosing Funeral Flowers

12 April, 2018 Information

There are many different flowers that people choose for a funeral and behind those choices there are often many different reasons. It might be a favourite flower of the deceased, or it might hold some personal significance. Ideally the arrangement you choose should be based on the relationship you had with them. Below we have [...]

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How to decide whether to cremate or bury?

12 April, 2018 Information

Today, most people choose cremation rather than traditional burial because they help save money. Direct cremation, in particular, is considered less costly since it lowers costs by saving on terrestrial space. [...]

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Biodegradable ash urns make sea cremation more earth friendly

10 April, 2018 Services

The standard coffin burial, including embalming and all the necessary treatments to prepare and preserve the body, is a source of environmental contaminants. Arsenic, formaldehyde and mercury have been discovered in the [...]

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Difference between Burial, Funeral and Cremation

08 April, 2018 information

Key Difference: Burial and cremation are two different types of method of disposing the body but funeral is a ceremony that is used to honor and celebrate the life of the deceased. [...]

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Funeral Plans

Why do I Need a Funeral Plan
Why do I Need

How can I cap my funeral costs? Which Plan should I buy?

Cost of a Funeral
Cost of a Funeral

Costs for a funeral can vary depending on a number of different factors

Cost of a Funeral
Low Cost Funeral Plans

As we own and operate our own facilities, we guarantee the quality of service at the best price

Funeral Plan Silver

A basic Funeral Plan that covers the basic needs of the expat community in Spain

Funeral Plan Gold

A full service including chapel, minister and service order for your loved ones

Funeral Plan Platinum

This choice lets you arrange a Funeral exactly how you imagine it

Funeral Plan Premium

This Plan includes all legal documentation to repatriate deceased to any country

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