Cost of a Funeral

How much does a funeral cost?

Costs for a funeral can vary depending on a number of different factors such as the location of the funeral, the type of service required, the coffin, headstone or urn and many other variables. In order to be able to cost a funeral service here in Spain, we need some additional information from you.

Costa Funeral Services

Some of the key elements that make up the cost of a funeral include:

  • Administration, documentation, fees and other official certificates.
  • Funeral Home: The price of this service depends  on a number of factors such as time of stay and the city etc.
  • Transfers: Hearse. Always an essential part of any funeral
  • Coffin and Urn: This is an essential cost that you cannot avoid but of course the prices can vary hugely depending on preferences, styles and even fashion.
  • Cemetery: Niches, tombs, pantheons … everything depends on the place you choose to bury.
  • Details or accessories: flowers, obituaries or reminders. They are not essential, but traditionally they are an important part of any service and again prices can vary depending on personal requirements.

The above demonstrates that there are a number of items that will need to be included when costing a funeral.

When you see the costs and decisions involved in arranging a funeral it is a consideration therefore to look at different types of insurance policies, like death insurance, to help cover costs. Another popular way of funding a funeral is to take out a Costa Funeral Plan and actually pre-pay for the funeral, and fix costs at today’s prices.

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