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Writing an Ethical Will

ethical will

What is an ‘ethical’ Will?

An ethical will is not a legal requirement and unlike the legal Will it is based upon your desires for things like principles, values, memories and even future wishes for your family and friends.

Llega un momento en tu vida cuando es natural considerar tu propio funeral y pensar en lo que dejas atrás para tus seres queridos. ¿Pensaría usted en ahorrarles la preocupación, el costo y el estrés emocional de decidir sobre sus Servicios Funerarios?

So, if you already have a legal Will, why do you need an ethical Will?

This is not about leaving anything physical to people, it is about leaving memories and information for future generations of your family. It will allow you to be able to convey your life journey and story, a way of sharing your inner thoughts and personal memories of life. Your ethical Will allows the future generations of your family to learn from your accomplishments, your mistakes and share your story, long after you have gone.

As you start to compile your ethical Will you may actually be able to reflect on life while you are living it and start to make some changes to improve and change. It can therefore have profound benefits to you while you are alive.

The ethical Will can also be used to leave non-valuable items to friends and family. It can say what personal items of yours you want certain people to have after you die such as photographs, diaries, clothing, books etc.

The best time to start writing your ethical Will

Quite simply whenever you feel the time is right, that is the time to start writing it. It might be inspired when you start a family, or your children leave home. These types of events often make you look closer at your life and what you want your loved ones to learn from you, even after you have gone.

It is unlikely you will write it all in one go and it can become a type of working document, expanding and changing as you experience more life.

The best way to start your ethical Will

Have a think about the things that you most remember about your life so far. The things that make you happy and make you smile, the things that make you sad. Think about things you wish you had done and the things you wish you could change. Maybe you need to leave an apology to someone or maybe you want to give special thanks to someone that had a major influence on your life.

Basically, these will all be YOUR words and wisdom and the structure is purely down to you. It is something you would like your loved ones to learn from and understand more about you as a person.

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