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OUR BEST GUARANTEE IS "IF YOU FIND THE SAME FUNERAL PLAN, IN SPAIN AT A LOWER PRICE, WE PROMISE TO BEAT IT". As we own and operate our own facilities, we will guarantee the quality of the service at the best price.

Free Funeral Plan Asessment

You can decide how and when to pay for your funeral plan. Make a one off payment or opt to spread the cost, the choice is yours.

Protect From the Effects of Inflation

Costs of Funerals are increasing every year around 5%

Your money is Safe

We put all the money from each plan into a Trust Fund. The money is released to us when you die, so that the Funeral can be provided

We are Funeral Directors

Unlike other Funeral Plans providers, we cover all third party costs in our own facilities, meaning our plans are fully guaranteed

Costa Funeral Services

You will probably have seen many different adverts for funeral cover and might be a little confused at what is right for you. There is funeral insurance, which is a policy to cover the cost of a service and burial / cremation upon the policy holders death. This is an annual premium like other insurance policies and can cover individuals, couples or families.

The other type of funeral cover are called funeral plans. This is where you pay a monthly sum until you have accumulated the required cost of a funeral service and burial / cremation at current rates. It then covers you in the future regardless of whether the rates increase or not. So basically you have secured your coffin or urn and the service regardless of the cost increases in the future and therefore, not financially burdening your loved ones.

Some people are not so concerned about having a special coffin or urn and simply don’t have the funds available to commit to some funeral plan policies. That is why here at Costa Funeral Services we have devised a LOW COST FUNERAL PLAN.

Our affordable funeral plans on the Costa del Sol, Spain mean that you don’t have to commit to a lavish funeral, you can simply take care of the most important element at a much lower cost.

We have a range of low cost funeral plans so if you would like more information, please get in touch with us and we will provide you with the necessary information.

Contact us by email or call us at our National and International assistance telephone and we will assist you immediately (Phone 24 hours / 365 days)

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