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How your death can impact your families finances

death can impact your families-finances

Do you think planning your funeral is morbid, tempting fate, odd or a little spooky?

Or maybe you aren't planning to die?
Aren't we told there are only two certainties in life... Death & Taxes.

I have seen first hand when a family member has made no provision for to pay for their own funeral. It's simply awful to lay that burden on your family.

Is it really fair to your children or grandchildren to expect them to pay for your funeral?
I think I can say with some certainty that's a cost they haven't budgeted for.

I have personally had to ring families in France, UK & Ireland to tell a son or daughter not only has their parent died but they haven't left any provision for the cost of their funeral. Not only does the family have to grieve your death but they have to find the money to pay for your funeral.

I have talked to a 19 year old grandson who had to pay for a much loved Grandma's funeral on his credit card.... His parents had no money, so the payment was made by him. It was such a dreadful situation for them all to have to endure. I'm sure no Grandma wants her grandchildren to go into debt for her.

A elderly lady of 84 in the UK had to pay for her brothers funeral as she was his only next of kin.... He clearly hadn't thought that his sister would be having to pay...This was a case I dealt with just a few weeks ago.

Please take a moment to think of how your death can impact your families finances.

Even if you have money in savings your funeral has to be paid. Only after this will your family get your death certificate to start the process of dealing with your estate.

Buy a low cost funeral plan or pre pay for your funeral, lock in today's prices for a event that we hope is many years away. Please don't pass this cost onto someone else.

Contact us by phone or email and we explain the low cost options & zero interest payment plans.

Author: Jenny Crandley

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