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As an expat living in Spain you need to consider things like health and the best way to ensure you get appointments and treatment when you need it. Of course the state medical system in Spain is renowned for being one of the best in Europe, but sometimes additional care and treatment is needed and access to tests and diagnosis quickly is not always possible on the state system. Also if you do not work or pay social security, it might be difficult to get state medical cover without special medical cards.

Health Insurance Costa del Sol

There are a few private health insurance schemes operating on the Costa del Sol but it is important that you assess the best cover for your personal requirements. Age is normally a big consideration for health insurance companies, with some even having a cut-off point for some policies. Another consideration, especially if you are older and require private health insurance on the Costa del Sol is if you have pre-existing conditions. Many schemes will not cover anything you have had treatment for in the past, which could be a problem to many older clients that require cover.

The Best Private Health Insurance on the Costa del Sol

We can offer you some of the best policies on the Costa del Sol. There is no age limit on our health insurance so no matter how old you are, we can provide cover at reasonable rates, unlike some other companies. Also many pre-existing conditions will not be excluded (on a case by case basis).

Our cover is through one of the leading private medical insurance companies in Spain with over 40 million clients throughout Europe. We have a range of different levels of cover for residents and expats here on the Costa del Sol. Why not get in touch to find out more about our health cover.

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